1 Chronicles 6

 1 The sons of Levi: Gershom, Kohath, and Merari 2 The sons of Kohath: Amram, Izhar, Hebron, and Uzziel 3 The sons of Amram: Aaron, Moses, and Miriam. The sons of Aaron: Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar 4 Eleazar conceived Phinehas, and Phinehas conceived Abishua 5 Truly, Abishua conceived Bukki, and Bukki conceived Uzzi 6 Uzzi conceived Zerahiah, and Zerahiah conceived Meraioth 7 Then Meraioth conceived Amariah, and Amariah conceived Ahitub 8 Ahitub conceived Zadok, and Zadok conceived Ahimaaz 9 Ahimaaz conceived Azariah; Azariah conceived Johanan 10 Johanan conceived Azariah. He is the one who executed the priestly office in the house that Solomon built in Jerusalem 11 Now Azariah conceived Amariah, and Amariah conceived Ahitub 12 Ahitub conceived Zadok, and Zadok conceived Shallum 13 Shallum conceived Hilkiah, and Hilkiah conceived Azariah 14 Azariah conceived Seraiah, and Seraiah conceived Jehozadak 15 Now Jehozadak departed, when the Lord took away Judah and Jerusalem, by the hands of Nebuchadnezzar 16 So the sons of Levi were Gershom, Kohath, and Merari 17 And these are the names of the sons of Gershom: Libni and Shimei 18 The sons of Kohath: Amram, and Izhar, and Hebron, and Uzziel 19 The sons of Merari: Mahli and Mushi. And so these are the kindred of Levi, according to their families 20 Of Gershom: Libni his son, Jahath his son, Zimmah his son 21 Joah his son, Iddo his son, Zerah his son, Jeatherai his son 22 The sons of Kohath: Amminadab his son, Korah his son, Assir his son 23 Elkanah his son, Ebiasaph his son, Assir his son 24 Tahath his son, Uriel his son, Uzziah his son, Shaul his son 25 The sons of Elkanah: Amasai and Ahimot 26 and Elkanah. The sons of Elkanah: Zophai his son, Nahath his son 27 Eliab his son, Jeroham his son, Elkanah his son 28 The sons of Samuel: Vasseni the firstborn, and Abijah 29 Now the sons of Merari were: Mahli, Libni his son, Shimei his son, Uzzah his son 30 Shimea his son, Haggiah his son, Asaiah his son 31 These are the ones whom David appointed over the singing men in the house of the Lord, in the place where the ark was located 32 And they ministered before the tabernacle of the testimony with singing, until Solomon built the house of the Lord in Jerusalem. And they would stand according to their order in the ministry 33 Truly, these are the ones who were assisting, with their sons, from the sons of Kohath: the singer Heman, the son of Joel, the son of Samuel 34 the son of Elkanah, the son of Jeroham, the son of Eliel, the son of Toah 35 the son of Zuph, the son of Elkanah, the son of Mahath, the son of Amasai 36 the son of Elkanah, the son of Joel, the son of Azariah, the son of Zephaniah 37 the son of Tahath, the son of Assir, the son of Ebiasaph, the son of Korah 38 the son of Izhar, the son of Kohath, the son of Levi, the son of Israel 39 And there was also his brother, Asaph, who was standing at his right, Asaph, the son of Berechiah, the son of Shimea 40 the son of Michael, the son of Baaseiah, the son of Malchijah 41 the son of Ethni, the son of Zerah, the son of Adaiah 42 the son of Ethan, the son of Zimmah, the son of Shimei 43 the son of Jahath, the son of Gershom, the son of Levi 44 Now the sons of Merari, their brothers, were on the left: Ethan, the son of Kishi, the son of Abdi, the son of Malluch 45 the son of Hashabiah, the son of Amaziah, the son of Hilkiah 46 the son of Amzi, the son of Boni, the son of Shemer 47 the son of Mahli, the son of Mushi, the son of Merari, the son of Levi 48 There were also their brothers, Levites who were appointed for every ministry of the tabernacle of the house of the Lord 49 Truly, Aaron and his sons were burning offerings upon the altar of holocausts and upon the altar of incense, for the entire work of the Holy of Holies, and to pray on behalf of Israel, in accord with all the things that Moses, the servant of God, had instructed 50 Now these are the sons of Aaron: Eleazar his son, Phinehas his son, Abishua his son 51 Bukki his son, Uzzi his son, Zerahiah his son 52 Meraioth his son, Amariah his son, Ahitub his son 53 Zadok his son, Ahimaaz his son 54 And these are their habitations according to the villages and confines, specifically of the sons of Aaron, according to the kindred of the Kohathites. For it fell to them by lot 55 And so, they gave Hebron, in the land of Judah, and its suburbs all around, to them 56 but they gave the fields of the city, and the villages, to Caleb, the son of Jephunneh 57 Then, to the sons of Aaron, they gave the cities of refuge: Hebron, and Libnah with its suburbs 58 also Jattir and Eshtemoa with their suburbs, then also Hilen and Debir with their suburbs 59 as well as Ashan and Beth-shemesh with their suburbs 60 And from the tribe of Benjamin: Geba with its suburbs, and Alemeth with its suburbs, as well as Anathoth with its suburbs. All the cities throughout their kindred were thirteen 61 Now to the sons of Kohath, those remaining from their kindred, they gave ten cities, from the one half tribe of Manasseh, as a possession 62 and to the sons of Gershom, according to their families, from the tribe of Issachar, and from the tribe of Asher, and from the tribe of Naphtali, and from the tribe Manasseh in Bashan: thirteen cities 63 Then to the sons of Merari, according to their families, from the tribe of Reuben, and from the tribe of Gad, and from the tribe of Zebulun, they gave by lot twelve cities 64 Also, the sons of Israel gave, to the Levites, cities and their suburbs 65 and they gave them by lot, out of the tribe of the sons of Judah, and out of the tribe of the sons of Simeon, and out of the tribe of the sons of Benjamin, these cities, which they called by their names 66 And for those who were from the kindred of the sons of Kohath, the cities with their borders were from the tribe of Ephraim 67 Then they gave to them the cities of refuge: Shechem with its suburbs on mount Ephraim, and Gezer with its suburbs 68 as well as Jokmeam with its suburbs, and Beth-horon similarly 69 and indeed Hilen with its suburbs, and Gath Rimmon in the same manner 70 Then too, out of the one half tribe of Manasseh: Aner and its suburbs, Bileam and its suburbs; these in particular went to those who were remaining from the kindred of the sons of Kohath 71 And to the sons of Gershom, from the kindred of the one half tribe of Manasseh: Golan, in Bashan, and its suburbs, and Ashtaroth with its suburbs 72 from the tribe of Issachar: Kedesh and its suburbs, and Daberath with its suburbs 73 as well as Ramoth and its suburbs, and Anem with its suburbs 74 truly, from the tribe of Asher: Mashal with its suburbs, and Abdon similarly 75 as well as Hukkok and its suburbs, and Rehob with its suburbs 76 moreover, from the tribe of Naphtali: Kedesh in Galilee and its suburbs, Hammon with its suburbs, and Kiriathaim and its suburbs 77 Then to the remaining sons of Merari, from the tribe of Zebulun: Rimmono and its suburbs, and Tabor with its suburbs 78 and also, across the Jordan opposite Jericho, facing the east of the Jordan, from the tribe of Reuben: Bezer in the wilderness with its suburbs, and Jahzah with its suburbs 79 as well as Kedemoth and its suburbs, and Mephaath with its suburbs 80 indeed also, from the tribe of Gad: Ramoth in Gilead and its suburbs, and Mahanaim with its suburbs 81 then too, Heshbon with its suburbs, and Jazer with its suburbs