Deuteronomy 33

 1 This is the blessing, with which Moses, the man of God, blessed the sons of Israel before his death 2 And he said: "The Lord went forth from Sinai, and he arose for us from Seir. He appeared from Mount Paran, and thousands of holy ones were with him. The fiery law was in his right hand 3 He loved the people; all the holy ones are in his hand. And those who approach his feet shall receive from his doctrine 4 Moses instructed us in the law, the inheritance of the multitude of Jacob 5 The king shall have great righteousness, at the gathering of the princes of the people with the tribes of Israel 6 Let Ruben live, and not die, and may he be small in number. 7 This is the blessing of Judah. "Hear, O Lord, the voice of Judah, and lead him to his people. His hands shall fight for him, and he shall be his helper against his adversaries. 8 Likewise, to Levi he said: "Your perfection and your doctrine are for your holy man, whom you have proven by temptation, and whom you have judged at the Waters of Contradiction 9 He has said to his father and to his mother, ‘I do not know you,’ and to his brothers, ‘I will disregard you.’ And they have not known their own sons. Such as these have kept your word and have observed your covenant 10 your judgments, O Jacob, and your law, O Israel. They shall place incense before your fury and a holocaust upon your altar 11 O Lord, bless his strength, and receive the works of his hands. Strike the backs of his enemies, and do not let those who hate him rise up. 12 And to Benjamin he said: "The most beloved of the Lord will live confidently in him. He shall remain all day long, as if in a bridal chamber, and he shall rest amid her arms. 13 Likewise, to Joseph he said: "His land shall be from the blessing of the Lord, from the fruits of heaven, and from the dew, and from the abyss which lies below 14 from the fruits of the crops under the sun and the moon 15 from the heights of the ancient mountains, from the fruits of the everlasting hills 16 and from the fruits of the earth with all its plenitude. May the blessing of him who appeared in the bush, settle upon the head of Joseph, and upon the top of the head of the Nazarite among his brothers 17 His excellence is like that of a first-born bull. His horns are like the horns of a rhinoceros; he shall brandish these against the Gentiles, even to the ends of the earth. These are the multitudes of Ephraim, and these the thousands of Manasseh. 18 And to Zebulun he said: "Rejoice, O Zebulun, in your departure, and Issachar, in your tabernacles 19 They shall summon the peoples to the mountain. There, they shall immolate the victims of justice, who feed on the flood of the sea, as if on milk, and on the hidden treasures of the sands. 20 And to Gad he said: "Blessed is Gad in his breadth. He has rested like a lion, and he has seized the arm and the top of the head 21 And he has seen his own pre-eminence, which his teacher has stored up as his portion. He was with the princes of the people, and he accomplished the justices of the Lord, and his judgment with Israel. 22 Likewise, to Dan he said: "Dan is a young lion. He shall flow plentifully from Bashan. 23 And to Naphtali he said: "Naphtali shall enjoy abundance, and he shall be full of the blessings of the Lord. He shall possess the sea and the Meridian. 24 Likewise, to Asher he said: "Let Asher be blessed with sons. Let him be pleasing to his brothers, and let him dip his foot in oil 25 His shoe shall be of iron and of brass. As were the days of your youth, so also shall be your old age 26 There is no other god like the God of the most righteous one. He who rides upon the heavens is your helper. His magnificence scatters the clouds 27 His habitation is above, and the everlasting arms are below. He shall cast out the enemy before your face, and he shall say: ‘Be utterly broken! 28 Israel shall live in confidence and alone, as the eye of Jacob in a land of grain and of wine; and the heavens shall be misty with dew 29 Blessed are you, O Israel. Who is like you, the people who are saved by the Lord? He is the shield of your assistance and the sword of your glory. Your enemies will refuse to acknowledge you, and so you shall tread upon their necks.