Ecclesiastes 6

 1 There is also another evil, which I have seen under the sun, and, indeed, it is frequent among men 2 It is a man to whom God has given wealth, and resources, and honor; and out of all that he desires, nothing is lacking to his life; yet God does not grant him the ability to consume these things, but instead a man who is a stranger will devour them. This is emptiness and a great misfortune 3 If a man were to produce one hundred children, and to live for many years, and to attain to an age of many days, and if his soul were to make no use of the goods of his resources, and if he were lacking even a burial: concerning such a man, I declare that a miscarried child is better than he 4 For he arrives without a purpose and he continues on into darkness, and his name shall be wiped away, into oblivion 5 He has not seen the sun, nor recognized the difference between good and evil 6 Even if he were to live for two thousand years, and yet not thoroughly enjoy what is good, does not each one hurry on to the same place 7 Every labor of man is for his mouth, but his soul will not be filled 8 What do the wise have which is more than the foolish? And what does the pauper have, except to continue on to that place, where there is life 9 It is better to see what you desire, than to desire what you cannot know. But this, too, is emptiness and a presumption of spirit 10 Whoever shall be in the future, his name has already been called. And it is known that he is a man and that he is not able to contend in judgment against one who is stronger than himself 11 There are many words, and many of these, in disputes, hold much emptiness