Esther 9

 1 So, on the third day, she put away her ornate apparel, and surrounded herself with glory 2 And when she was shining in a royal manner, and had called upon God, the Guide and Savior of all, she took two maids with her 3 And she was leaning upon one of them, as if, out of delicateness and great tenderness, she were not able to bear carrying her own body 4 And the other maid followed her lady, carrying her garment flowing on the ground 5 Yet she had a rosy color pouring over her face, for, with gracious and bright eyes, she restrained a sorrowful soul and very great fear 6 And so, entering hesitantly through a series of doors, she stood opposite the king, where he sat upon his royal throne, clothed in royal robes, and shining with gold and precious stones. And he was terrible to behold 7 And when he had lifted up his face, and with burning eyes had shown the fury of his heart, the queen collapsed, and her color turned pale, and she rested her exhausted head upon her handmaid 8 And God changed the king’s spirit into gentleness; quickly and apprehensively, he leapt from his throne, and lifting her up in his arms until she came to herself, he coaxed her with these words 9 "What is the matter, Esther? I am your brother, do not be afraid 10 You will not die. For this law has not been established for you, but for all others 11 So approach and touch the scepter. 12 And since she remained silent, he took the golden scepter and placed it on her neck, and he kissed her and said, "Why do you not speak to me? 13 She answered, "I saw you, my lord, as an angel of God, and my heart was disturbed for fear of your glory 14 For you, my lord, are great and wonderful, and your face is full of grace. 15 And while she was speaking, she collapsed again, because she was out of breath 16 But the king was troubled, and all his servants consoled her 17 And so, on the third day, Esther had put on her royal apparel and was standing in the atrium of the king’s house, which was inside, opposite the king’s hall, while he was sitting on his throne in the council room of the palace, opposite the entrance of the house 18 And when he saw Esther the queen standing there, she pleased his eyes, and he extended toward her the golden scepter, which he held in his hand, and she approached and kissed the top of his scepter 19 And the king said to her, "What do you wish, queen Esther? What is your request? Even if you ask for half of the kingdom, it will be given to you. 20 But she responded, "If it pleases the king, I beg you to come with me today, and Haman with you, to the feast that I have prepared. 21 And immediately the king said, "Call Haman quickly, so that he may obey Esther’s will. And so the king and Haman came to the feast, which the queen had prepared for them 22 And the king said to her, after he had drunk wine abundantly, "What are you asking for that should be given to you? And which things do you require? Even if you request half of my kingdom, you will obtain it. 23 Esther answered him, "My petition and prayer is this 24 If I have found favor in the sight of the king, and if it pleases the king to give me what I ask, and to fulfill my petition, let the king and Haman come to the feast which I have prepared for them, and tomorrow I will open my mind to the king. 25 And so Haman went out that day joyful and cheerful. And when he saw that Mordecai was sitting in front of the gate of the palace, and that he alone did not get up for him, but did not so much as move from the place where he sat, he was very indignant 26 But, concealing his anger and returning into his house, he gathered to him his friends and Zeresh, his wife 27 And he explained to them the greatness of his riches, and the influence of his sons, and how, with such glory, the king had elevated him above all his rulers and servants 28 And after this, he said, "Also, queen Esther has called no one else to the feast with the king, except me. And I will be dining with the king again tomorrow 29 And though I have all these things, I consider that I have nothing as long as I see Mordecai the Jew sitting in front of the king’s gate. 30 And Zeresh his wife and his other friends answered him, "Order a great beam to be prepared, having a height of fifty cubits, and in the morning speak to the king, so that Mordecai may be hanged from it, and so you will go joyfully with the king to the feast." This advice pleased him, and so he ordered a high cross to be prepared