Judith 11

 1 Then Holofernes said to her: "Be steadfast in soul, and do not be terrified in your heart. For I have never harmed a man who was willing to serve king Nebuchadnezzar 2 But if your people had not despised me, I would not have lifted up my lance over them 3 But now, tell me, for what reason have you withdrawn from them, and why has it pleased you to come to us? 4 And Judith said to him: "Receive the words of your maidservant. For, if you will follow the words of your maidservant, the Lord will accomplish an excellent thing by you 5 For, as Nebuchadnezzar the king of the earth lives, and as his power lives, which is with you for the chastising of all straying souls: not only men serve him through you, but also the beasts of the field are submissive to him 6 For the diligence of your mind is being reported to all nations, and it has been revealed to all of this age that you alone are good and powerful in all his kingdom, and your discipline is being announced beforehand in all the provinces 7 This is not hidden, what Achior has said, nor are we ignorant of what you have ordered to befall him 8 For it is agreed that our God is so offended with sins that he has commanded, through his prophets to the people, that he will deliver them up for their sins 9 And since the sons of Israel know that they have offended their God, your trembling is upon them 10 Moreover, now also a famine has assailed them, and, by drought of water, they are already counted among the dead 11 And finally, they have a plan to put to death their herds, and to drink their blood 12 And the sacred things of the Lord their God, which God instructed them not to touch, among the grain, wine, and oil, these they have decided to expend, and they are willing to consume the things that they ought not to touch with their hands. Therefore, because they do these things, it is certain that they will be given over to perdition 13 And I, your maidservant, knowing this, have fled from them, and the Lord has sent me to report to you these same things 14 For I, your maidservant, worship God even now that I am with you, and your maidservant will go out, and I will pray to God 15 And he will tell me when he will repay them for their sins, and I will return and announce it to you, so that I may bring you through the midst of Jerusalem, and you will hold all the people of Israel, like sheep that have no shepherd, and there will not be so much as one dog that barks against you 16 For these things have been told to me through the providence of God 17 And because God has been angry with them, I have been sent to report these same things to you. 18 And so, all these words were pleasing before Holofernes, and before his servants, and they wondered at her wisdom, and they said to one another 19 "There is not another woman so great upon the earth: in appearance, in beauty, and in charming words. 20 And Holofernes said to her: "God has done well, who sent you ahead of the people, so that you may give them into our hands 21 And if your promise is good, if your God will do this for me, he will also be my God, and you will be great in the house of Nebuchadnezzar, and your name will be renowned through all the earth.