Job 23

 1 Then Job answered by saying 2 Now again my conversation is in bitterness, and the force of my scourging weighs more heavily on me because of my mourning 3 Who will grant me that I might know and find him, and that I may approach even to his throne 4 I would place judgment before his eye, and my mouth would fill with criticism 5 so that I may know the words that he will answer me and understand what he will say to me 6 I do not want him to contend with me with much strength, nor to overwhelm me with the bulk of his greatness 7 Let him show fairness in response to me, and let my judgment reach to victory 8 If I go to the east, he does not appear; if I go to the west, I will not understand him 9 If I turn to the left, what can I do? I will not take hold of him. If I turn myself to the right, I will not see him 10 Truly, he knows my way and has tested me like gold that passes through fire 11 My feet have been following his footsteps; I have kept to his way and have not strayed from it 12 I have not withdrawn from the commands of his lips, and the words of his mouth I have hidden in my sinews 13 For he is alone, and no one is able to disturb his intention; and whatever his spirit wills, that he accomplishes 14 And when he fulfills his will in me, many other similar ones will also be present with him 15 And, for this reason, I have been troubled at his presence, and, when I consider him, I am approached by fear 16 God has weakened my heart, and the Almighty has confused me 17 Yet I have not perished because of the threatening darkness, nor has gloom covered my face