Job 26

 1 Then Job responded by saying 2 Whose assistant are you? Is he weak-minded? And do you sustain the arm of him that is not strong 3 To whom have you given advice? Perhaps it is to him that has no wisdom or prudence that you have revealed your many ideas 4 Who is it that you wanted to teach? Was it not him that created the breath of life 5 Behold, giant things groan under the waters, and they dwell with them 6 The underworld is naked before him, and there is no covering for perdition 7 He stretched out the North over emptiness, and he suspended the land over nothing 8 He secures the waters in his clouds, so that they do not burst forth downward all at once 9 He holds back the face of his throne, and he stretches his cloud over it 10 He has set limits around the waters, until light and darkness shall reach their limit 11 The pillars of heaven tremble and are frightened at his nod 12 By his strength, the seas suddenly gather together, and his foresight has struck the arrogant 13 His spirit has adorned the heavens, and his birthing hand has brought forth the winding serpent 14 Behold, these things have been said about his ways in part, and, since we barely have heard a small drop of his word, who will be able to gaze upon the thunder of his greatness