Job 29

 1 Job also added to this, using figures of speech, and he said 2 Who will grant to me that I might be as I was in former months, according to the days when God kept watch over me 3 At that time, his lamp shined over my head, and by his light, I walked through the darkness 4 I was then just as in the days of my youth, when God was privately in my tabernacle 5 At that time, the Almighty was with me and my children surrounded me 6 Then, I washed my feet with butter, and a boulder poured out rivers of oil for me 7 When I went to the gate of the city, or to the main street, they prepared a chair for me 8 The youths saw me and hid themselves, and the elders, rising up, remained standing 9 The leaders stopped talking, and they placed a finder over their mouth 10 The commanders subdued their voice, and their tongue adhered to their throat 11 The ear that heard me, blessed me, and the eye that saw me, gave testimony for me 12 This was because I had freed the poor, who cried out, and the orphan, who had no helper 13 The blessing of him who would have been destroyed came upon me, and I consoled the heart of the widow 14 I put on justice, and I clothed myself with my judgment, like a robe and a diadem 15 I was an eye for the blind and a foot for the lame 16 I was the father of the poor; and if I lacked knowledge about any case, I investigated very diligently 17 I crushed the jaws of the impious, and I took away prey from his teeth 18 And I said, "I will die in my little nest, and like a palm tree, I will multiply my days 19 My root has been spread beside the waters, and the dew will remain with my harvest 20 My glory will always be restored, and my bow will be restored to my hand. 21 Those who heard me, expected vindication, and they listened closely in silence to my counsel 22 To my words, they dared to add nothing, and my eloquence poured over them 23 They waited for me as for rain, and they opened their mouth as for belated rains 24 If I had ever laughed at them, they would not have believed it, and the light of my face was not cast down towards the ground 25 If I wished to go to them, I sat down first, and, though I sat like a king surrounded by an army, yet I was a comforter to those who mourned