Job 39

 1 Do you know at what time the wild goats have given birth among the rocks, or do you observe the deer when they go into labor 2 Have you numbered the months since their conception, and do you know at what time they gave birth 3 They bend themselves for their offspring, and they give birth, and they emit roars 4 Their young are weaned and go out to feed; they depart and do not return to them 5 Who has set the wild ass free, and who has released his bonds 6 I have given a house in solitude to him, and his tabernacle is in the salted land 7 He despises the crowded city; he does not pay attention to the bellow of the tax collector 8 He looks around the mountains of his pasture, and he searches everywhere for green plants 9 Will the rhinoceros be willing to serve you, and will he remain in your stall 10 Can you detain the rhinoceros with your harness to plough for you, and will he loosen the soil of the furrows behind you 11 Will you put your faith in his great strength, and delegate your labors to him 12 Will you trust him to return to you the seed, and to gather it on your drying floor 13 The wing of the ostrich is like the wings of the heron, and of the hawk 14 When she leaves eggs behind in the earth, will you perhaps warm them in the dust 15 She forgets that feet may trample them, or that the beasts of the field may shatter them 16 She is hardened against her young, as if they were not hers; she has labored in vain, with no fear compelling her 17 For God has deprived her of wisdom; neither has he given her understanding 18 Yet, when the time is right, she raises her wings on high; she ridicules the horse and his rider 19 Will you supply strength to the horse, or envelope his throat with neighing 20 Will you alarm him as the locusts do? His panic is revealed by the display of his nostrils 21 He digs at the earth with his hoof; he jumps around boldly; he advances to meet armed men 22 He despises fear; he does not turn away from the sword 23 Above him, the quiver rattles, the spear and the shield shake 24 Seething and raging, he drinks up the earth; neither does he pause when the blast of the trumpet sounds 25 When he hears the bugle, he says, "Ha!" He smells the battle from a distance, the exhortation of the officers, and the battle cry of the soldiers 26 Does the hawk grow feathers by means of your wisdom, spreading her wings towards the south 27 Will the eagle lift herself up at your command and make her nest in steep places 28 She dwells among the rocks, and she lingers among broken boulders and inaccessible cliffs 29 From there, she looks for food, and her eyes catch sight of it from far away 30 Her young will drink blood, and wherever the carcass will be, she is there immediately 31 And the Lord continued, and he said to Job 32 Will he who contends with God be so easily silenced? Certainly, he who argues with God must also respond to him 33 Then Job answered the Lord, saying 34 What could I possibly answer, since I have been speaking thoughtlessly? I will place my hand over my mouth 35 One thing I have spoken, which I wish I had not said; and another, to which I will add no more