Job 6

 1 But Job, responding, said 2 I wish that my sins, for which I deserve wrath, and the calamity that I endure, were weighed out on a balance 3 Compared to the sand of the sea, they would appear heavier, and so my words are full of sorrow 4 For the arrows of the Lord are in me, my spirit drinks of their indignation, and the terrors of the Lord are soldiers against me 5 Will the wild ass bray when he has grass? Or will the ox bellow when he stands before a full manger 6 Or can one eat bland food, which is not seasoned with salt? Or can anyone taste that which, if tasted, causes death 7 The things that my soul was unwilling to touch before, now, because of anguish, are my foods 8 Who will grant that my petition may arrive and that God may bestow on me what I expect 9 and that he who, at first, had crushed me, will let loose his hand and cut me down 10 And may this be my consolation, that in afflicting me with sorrow, although he might not be lenient with me, I still do not contradict the words of the Holy One 11 For what is my strength, that I may continue? Or what is my goal, so that I may act patiently 12 My strength is not the strength of stones, nor is my flesh made of bronze 13 Behold, there is no help for me in myself, and my loved ones also have withdrawn from me 14 He who takes away mercy from his friend, abandons the fear of the Lord 15 My brethren have disregarded me, like a torrent that passes swiftly through the steep valleys 16 Those who fear frost, snow will rush over them 17 At that time, when they are scattered, they will perish, and when it becomes hot, they will be freed from their place 18 The paths of their steps are entangled; they will walk in vain and will perish 19 Consider the paths of Thema, the ways of Saba, and wait a little while 20 They have been thrown into confusion, just as I had hoped; they have even come to me and are overwhelmed with shame 21 Now you have arrived, and merely by seeing my affliction, you are afraid 22 Did I say: "Bring to me and give to me from your necessities? 23 or, "Free me from the hand of the enemy and rescue me from the hand of the strong? 24 Teach me, and I will be silent, and if by chance I have been ignorant of anything, instruct me 25 Why have you diminished the words of truth, when there is none of you who is able to offer proof against me 26 You prepare speeches as so much noise, and you offer words into the wind 27 You encroach upon the orphan, and you strive to undermine your friend 28 Such is true, so finish what you have begun. Listen closely, and see if I lie 29 Respond, I beg you, without contention, and, speaking what is just, pass judgment 30 And you will not find iniquity on my tongue, nor will foolishness resound in my throat