Leviticus 6

 1 The Lord spoke to Moses, saying 2 The soul who will have sinned, and, despising the Lord, will have denied to his neighbor the deposit which he had entrusted to his safekeeping, or who will have extorted anything by force, or who will have made a false accusation 3 or who will have found a lost thing and then also withheld it by swearing falsely, or who will have done any other of the many things by which men usually sin 4 being convicted of the offense, he shall restor 5 all that he wanted to obtain by fraud, the whole plus an additional fifth part, to the owner against whom he brought the damage 6 Then, on behalf of his sin, he shall offer an immaculate ram from the flock, and he shall give it to the priest, according to the estimation and measure of the offense 7 And he shall pray for him in the sight of the Lord, and he shall be released from any one of those things that he did when he sinned 8 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying 9 Instruct Aaron and his sons: This is the law of a holocaust. It shall be burned upon the altar, all night until morning. The fire shall be from the same altar 10 The priest shall be vested with the tunic and the linen undergarments. And he shall take up the ashes of that which the devouring fire has consumed, and, placing them next to the altar 11 he shall strip off his former vestments, and being clothed with others, he shall carry them beyond the camp, and he shall cause them to be consumed, even to glowing embers, in a very clean place 12 But the fire on the altar shall burn always, for the priest shall nourish it by placing wood under it each day in the morning. And, laying down the holocaust, he shall burn the fat of the peace offerings upon it 13 This is the perpetual fire which shall never fail upon the altar 14 This is the law of the sacrifice and the libations, which the sons of Aaron shall offer in the sight of the Lord, and before the altar 15 The priest shall take a handful of fine wheat flour, which has been sprinkled with oil, and all the frankincense, which has been placed upon the flour, and he shall burn it upon the altar as a memorial of most sweet odor to the Lord 16 And the remaining portion of the flour, Aaron shall eat with his sons, without leaven. And he shall eat it in the holy place, in the atrium of the tabernacle 17 Yet for this reason, it shall not be leavened, because part of it is offered as an incense of the Lord. The Holy of holies shall it be, just as what is offered on behalf of sin and of transgression 18 Only the males of the stock of Aaron shall eat it. This shall be an everlasting ordinance in your generations concerning the sacrifices of the Lord. All who will touch these shall be sanctified 19 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying 20 This is the oblation of Aaron and of his sons, which they must offer to the Lord in the day of their anointing. They shall offer a tenth part of an ephah of fine wheat flour as a perpetual sacrifice, half of it in the morning, and half of it in the evening 21 It shall be sprinkled with oil and fried in a frying pan. Then it shall be offered hot, as a most sweet odor to the Lord 22 by the priest who by law succeeds his father. And it shall be entirely burned on the altar 23 For every sacrifice of the priest shall be consumed by fire; neither shall anyone eat from it 24 Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying 25 Say to Aaron and his sons: This is the law of the victim for sin. In the place where the holocaust is offered, it shall be immolated in the sight of the Lord. It is the Holy of holies 26 The priest who offers it shall eat it in the holy place, in the atrium of the tabernacle 27 Whatever will touch its flesh shall be sanctified. If a garment will be sprinkled with its blood, it shall be washed in a holy place 28 Then the earthen vessel, in which it was soaked, shall be broken. But if the vessel will be of brass, it shall be scoured and washed with water 29 Every male of priestly descent shall feed on its flesh, because it is the Holy of holies 30 For the victim that is slain for sin, whose blood is carried into the tabernacle of the testimony, for expiation in the Sanctuary, shall not be eaten, but it shall be consumed by fire