Proverbs 10

 1 A wise son gladdens the father. Yet truly, a foolish son is the grief of his mother 2 Treasures of impiety will profit nothing. Truly, justice shall liberate from death 3 The Lord will not afflict with famine the soul of the just, and he will overthrow the treacheries of the impious 4 The neglectful hand has wrought destitution. But the hand of the steadfast prepares riches. He who advances by lies, this one feeds on the wind. For he is the same as one who runs after flying birds 5 He who gathers the harvest is a wise son. But he who snores in warm weather is a son of confusion 6 The blessing of the Lord is on the head of the just. But iniquity covers the mouth of the impious 7 The remembrance of the just is with praises. And the name of the impious shall decay 8 The wise of heart accept precepts. The foolish are cut down by the lips 9 He who walks in simplicity walks in confidence. But he who corrupts his ways shall be discovered 10 He who winks with the eye gives sorrow. And the foolish in lips shall be beaten 11 The mouth of the just is a vein of life. And the mouth of the impious covers iniquity 12 Hatred rises up from disputes. And charity covers all offenses 13 In the lips of the wise, wisdom is discovered. And a rod is for the back of one who lacks heart 14 The wise store away knowledge. But the mouth of the foolish is a neighbor to confusion 15 The substance of the rich is the city of his strength. The fear of the poor is their destitution 16 The work of the just is unto life. But the fruit of the impious is unto sin 17 The way of life is for those who observe discipline. But whoever abandons correction wanders astray 18 Lying lips conceal hatred; whoever brings forth contempt is unwise 19 In a multitude of speaking, sin will not be lacking. But whoever tempers his lips is most prudent 20 The tongue of the just is choice silver. But the heart of the impious is exchanged for nothing 21 The lips of the just instruct many. But those who are unlearned shall die in destitution of heart 22 The blessing of the Lord causes riches. Affliction will not be a companion to them 23 The foolish work wickedness as if in jest. But wisdom is prudence to a man 24 What the impious fear will overwhelm them. The just shall be given their desire 25 Like a passing tempest, so the impious one will be no more. But the just one is like an everlasting foundation 26 Like vinegar to the teeth, and smoke to the eyes, so is a lazy one to those who sent him 27 The fear of the Lord adds days. And the years of the impious will be shortened 28 The expectation of the just is rejoicing. But the hope of the impious will perish 29 The strength of the simple is the way of the Lord, and it is fear to those who work evil 30 The just in eternity shall not be moved. But the impious will not live upon the earth 31 The mouth of the just shall bring forth wisdom. The tongue of the depraved will perish 32 The lips of the just consider what is acceptable. And the mouth of the impious considers perversities