Proverbs 11

 1 A deceitful scale is an abomination with the Lord, and a fair weighing is his will 2 Wherever arrogance may be, there too is insult. But wherever humility is, there too is wisdom 3 The simplicity of the just shall direct them, and the rebellion of the perverse will devastate them 4 Wealth will not profit in the day of vengeance. But justice shall liberate from death 5 The justice of the simple shall direct his way. And the impious will fall in his impiety 6 The justice of the upright shall free them. And the iniquitous will be seized by their own treachery 7 When the impious man is dead, there will no longer be any hope. And the expectation of the anxious will perish 8 The just one is freed from anguish. And the impious one will be handed over instead of him 9 The pretender deceives his friend by mouth. But the just shall be freed by knowledge 10 In the good of the just, the city shall exult. And in the perdition of the impious, there shall be praise 11 By the blessing of the just, the city shall be exalted. And by the mouth of the impious, it will be subverted 12 Whoever despises his friend is destitute in heart. But the prudent man will remain silent 13 Whoever walks dishonestly reveals secrets. But whoever is of a faithful soul conceals what is confided by a friend 14 Where there is no governor, the people shall fall. But where there is much counsel, well-being shall be 15 He will be afflicted with evil, who provides a guarantee for an outsider. But whoever is wary of traps shall be secure 16 A gracious woman shall discover glory. And the robust will have wealth 17 A merciful man benefits his own soul. But whoever is cruel casts out even his close relatives 18 The impious does work with inconstancy. But for the sower of justice, there is the reward of faithfulness 19 Clemency prepares life. And the pursuit of evils prepares death 20 A depraved heart is abominable to the Lord. And his will is with those who walk in simplicity 21 Hand in hand, the evil shall not be innocent. But the offspring of the just shall be saved 22 A beautiful and senseless woman is like a gold ring in the snout of a swine 23 The desire of the just is entirely good. The anticipation of the impious is fury 24 Some distribute their own goods, and they become wealthier. Others seize what is not their own, and they are always in need 25 The soul that blesses shall be made fat. And whoever inebriates will likewise be inebriated himself 26 Whoever hides away grain shall be cursed among the people. But a blessing is upon the head of those who sell it 27 He does well to rise early, who seeks what is good. But whoever is a seeker of evils shall be oppressed by them 28 Whoever trusts in his riches will fall. But the just shall spring up like a green leaf 29 Whoever troubles his own house will possess the winds. And whoever is foolish will serve the wise 30 The fruit of the just one is the tree of life. And whoever receives souls is wise 31 If the just are repaid upon the earth, how much more the impious and the sinner