Proverbs 17

 1 A dry morsel with gladness is better than a house full of sacrifices along with conflict 2 A wise servant shall rule over foolish sons, and he will divide the inheritance among brothers 3 Just as silver is tested by fire, and gold is tested in the furnace, so also does the Lord test hearts 4 The evil obey an unjust tongue. And the false are submissive to lying lips 5 Whoever despises the poor rebukes his Maker. And whoever rejoices in the ruin of another will not go unpunished 6 Sons of sons are the crown of old age. And the glory of sons is their fathers 7 Well-chosen words are not fitting for the foolish, nor are lying lips fitting for a leader 8 The expectation of those who stand ready is a most pleasing jewel. Whichever way he turns himself, he understands prudently 9 Whoever conceals an offense seeks friendships. Whoever repeats the words of another separates allies 10 A correction benefits more with a wise man, than a hundred stripes with a fool 11 The evil one continually seeks conflicts. But a cruel Angel shall be sent against him 12 It is more expedient to meet a bear robbed of her young, than the foolish trusting in his own folly 13 Whoever repays evil for good, evil shall not withdraw from his house 14 Whoever releases the water is the head of the conflict. And just before he suffers contempt, he abandons judgment 15 Those who justify the impious, and those who condemn the just, both are abominable with God 16 What does it profit the foolish to have riches, when he is not able to buy wisdom? Whoever makes his house high seeks ruin. And whoever shuns learning shall fall into evils 17 Whoever is a friend loves at all times. And a brother is proved by distress 18 A foolish man will clap his hands, when he makes a pledge for his friend 19 Whoever dwells on discord loves disputes. And whoever exalts his door seeks ruin 20 Whoever is of a perverse heart shall not find good. And whoever turns his tongue shall fall into evil 21 A foolish one is born into his own disgrace. But his father will not rejoice in one who is senseless 22 A joyful soul makes a lifetime flourish. A gloomy spirit dries out the bones 23 The impious receives gifts from the bosom, so that he may pervert the paths of judgment 24 Prudence shines from the face of the wise. The eyes of the foolish are on the ends of the earth 25 A foolish son is the anger of the father and the grief of the mother who conceived him 26 It is not good to inflict damage on the just, nor to strike the leader who judges uprightly 27 Whoever moderates his words is learned and prudent. And a man of learning has a precious spirit 28 If he would remain silent, even the foolish would be considered wise, and if he closes his lips, intelligent