Proverbs 29

 1 The man who, with a stiff neck, treats the one who corrects him with contempt will be suddenly overwhelmed to his own destruction, and reason shall not follow him 2 When just men are multiplied, the common people shall rejoice. When the impious take up the leadership, the people shall mourn 3 The man who loves wisdom rejoices his father. But whoever nurtures promiscuous women will lose his substance 4 A just king guides the land. A man of avarice will destroy it 5 A man who speaks to his friend with flattering and feigned words spreads a net for his own feet 6 A snare will entangle the iniquitous when he sins. And the just shall praise and be glad 7 The just knows the case of the poor. The impious is ignorant of knowledge 8 Pestilent men squander a city. Yet truly, the wise avert fury 9 A wise man, if he were to contend with the foolish, whether in anger or in laughter, would find no rest 10 Bloodthirsty men hate the simple one; but the just seek out his soul 11 A foolish one offers everything on his mind. A wise one reserves and defers until later 12 A leader who freely listens to lying words has only impious servants 13 The pauper and the creditor have met one another. The Lord is the illuminator of them both 14 The king who judges the poor in truth, his throne shall be secured in eternity 15 The rod and its correction distribute wisdom. But the child who is left to his own will, brings shame to his mother 16 When the impious are multiplied, crimes will be multiplied. But the just shall see their ruin 17 Teach your son, and he will refresh you, and he will give delight to your soul 18 When prophecy fails, the people will be scattered. Yet truly, whoever guards the law is blessed 19 A servant cannot be taught by words, because he understands what you say, but he disdains to respond 20 Have you seen a man rushing to speak? Foolishness has more hope than his correction 21 Whoever nurtures his servant delicately from childhood, afterwards will find him defiant 22 A short-tempered man provokes quarrels. And whoever is easily angered is more likely to sin 23 Humiliation follows the arrogant. And glory shall uphold the humble in spirit 24 Whoever participates with a thief hates his own soul; for he listens to his oath and does not denounce him 25 Whoever fears man will quickly fall. Whoever hopes in the Lord shall be lifted up 26 Many demand the face of the leader. But the judgment of each one proceeds from the Lord 27 The just abhor an impious man. And the impious abhor those who are on the right way. By keeping the word, the son shall be free from perdition