Proverbs 7

 1 My son, guard my words and conceal my precepts within you 2 Son, preserve my commandments, and you shall live. And keep my law as the pupil of your eye 3 Bind it with your fingers; write it on the tablets of your heart 4 Say to wisdom, "You are my sister," and call prudence your friend 5 So may she guard you from the woman who is an outsider, and from the stranger who sweetens her words 6 For I gaze from the window of my house, through the lattice 7 and I see little ones. I consider a frenzied youth 8 who crosses the street at the corner and close to the way of that house. 9 He steps into shadows, as day becomes evening, into the darkness and gloom of the night 10 And behold, a woman meets him, dressed like a harlot, prepared to captivate souls: chattering and rambling 11 unwilling to bear silence, unable to keep her feet at home 12 now outside, now in the streets, now lying in ambush near the corners 13 And overtaking the youth, she kisses him, and with a provocative face, she flatters him, saying 14 "I vowed sacrifices for well-being. Today I have repaid my vows 15 Because of this, I have gone out to meet you, desiring to see you, and I have found you 16 I have woven my bed with cords. I have strewn it with embroidered tapestries from Egypt 17 I have sprinkled my bed with myrrh, aloe, and cinnamon 18 Come, let us be inebriated in abundance, and let us delight in the embraces of desire, until the day begins to dawn 19 For my husband is not in his house. He has gone away on a very long journey 20 He took with him a bag of money. He will return to his house on the day of the full moon. 21 She enmeshed him with many words, and she drew him forward with the flattery of her lips 22 Immediately, he follows her, like an ox being led to the sacrifice, and like a lamb acting lasciviously, and not knowing that he is being drawn foolishly into chains 23 until the arrow pierces his liver. It is just as if a bird were to hurry into the snare. And he does not know that his actions endanger his own soul 24 Therefore, my son, hear me now, and attend to the words of my mouth 25 Do not let your mind be pulled into her ways. And do not be deceived by her paths 26 For she has tossed aside many wounded, and some of those who were very strong have been slain by her 27 Her household is the way to Hell, reaching even to the inner places of death