Psalms 121

 1 A Canticle in steps. I rejoiced in the things that were said to me: "We shall go into the house of the Lord. 2 Our feet were standing in your courts, O Jerusalem 3 Jerusalem has been built as a city, whose participation is unto itself 4 For to that place, the tribes ascended, the tribes of the Lord: the testimony of Israel, to confess to the name of the Lord 5 For in that place, seats have sat down in judgment, seats above the house of David 6 Petition for the things that are for the peace of Jerusalem, and for abundance for those who love you 7 Let peace be in your virtue, and abundance in your towers 8 For the sake of my brothers and my neighbors, I spoke peace about you 9 For the sake of the house of the Lord our God, I sought good things for you