Psalms 147

 1 Alleluia. Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem. Praise your God, O Zion 2 For he has reinforced the bars of your gates. He has blessed your sons within you 3 He has stationed peace at your borders, and he has satisfied you with the fat of the grain 4 He sends forth his eloquence to the earth. His word runs swiftly 5 He provides snow like wool. He strews clouds like ashes 6 He sends his ice crystals like morsels. Who can stand firm before the face of his cold 7 He will send forth his word, and it will melt them. His Spirit will breathe out, and the waters will flow 8 He announces his word to Jacob, his justices and his judgments to Israel 9 He has not done so much for every nation, and he has not made his judgments manifest to them. Alleluia