Psalms 35

 1 Unto the end. To the servant of the Lord, David himself 2 The unjust one has said within himself that he would commit offenses. There is no fear of God before his eyes 3 For he has acted deceitfully in his sight, such that his iniquity will be found to be hatred 4 The words of his mouth are iniquity and deceit. He is unwilling to understand, so that he may act well 5 He has been considering iniquity on his bed. He has set himself on every way that is not good; moreover, he has not hated evil 6 Lord, your mercy is in heaven, and your truth is even to the clouds 7 Your justice is like the mountains of God. Your judgments are a great abyss. Men and beasts, you will save, O Lord 8 How you have multiplied your mercy, O God! And so the sons of men will hope under the cover of your wings 9 They will be inebriated with the fruitfulness of your house, and you will give them to drink from the torrent of your enjoyment 10 For with you is the fountain of life; and within your light, we will see the light 11 Extend your mercy before those who know you, and your justice to these, who are upright in heart 12 May arrogant feet not approach me, and may the hand of the sinner not disturb me 13 In that place, those who work iniquity have fallen. They have been expelled; they were not able to stand