Psalms 46

 1 Unto the end. A Psalm for the sons of Korah 2 All nations, clap your hands. Shout joyfully to God with a voice of exultation 3 For the Lord is exalted and terrible: a great King over all the earth 4 He has subjected the peoples to us and subdued the nations under our feet 5 He has chosen us for his inheritance: the splendor of Jacob, whom he has loved 6 God ascends with jubilation, and the Lord with the voice of the trumpet 7 Sing psalms to our God, sing psalms. Sing psalms to our King, sing psalms 8 For God is the King of all the earth. Sing psalms wisely 9 God will reign over the peoples. God sits upon his holy throne 10 The leaders of the peoples have been gathered together by the God of Abraham. For the strong gods of the earth have been exceedingly exalted