Psalms 62

 1 A Psalm of David, when he was in the desert of Idumea 2 O God, my God: to you, I keep vigil until first light. For you, my soul has thirsted, to you my body, in so many ways 3 By a deserted land, both inaccessible and waterless, so I have appeared in the sanctuary before you, in order to behold your virtue and your glory 4 For your mercy is better than life itself. It is you my lips will praise 5 So will I bless you in my life, and I will lift up my hands in your name 6 Let my soul be filled, as if with marrow and fatness; and my mouth will give praise with exultant lips 7 When I have remembered you on my bed in the morning, I will meditate on you 8 For you have been my helper. And I will exult under the cover of your wings 9 My soul has clung close to you. Your right hand has supported me 10 Truly, these ones have sought my soul in vain. They will enter into the lower parts of the earth 11 They will be delivered into the hand of the sword. They will be the portions of foxes 12 Truly, the king will rejoice in God: all those who swear by him will be praised, because the mouth of those who speak iniquity has been blocked