Psalms 64

 1 Unto the end. A Psalm of David. A Canticle of Jeremiah and Ezekiel to the people of the captivity, when they began to go into exile 2 O God, a hymn adorns you in Zion, and a vow will be repaid to you in Jerusalem 3 Hear my prayer: all flesh will come to you 4 Words of iniquity have prevailed over us. And you will pardon our impieties 5 Blessed is he whom you have chosen and taken up. He will dwell in your courts. We will be filled with the good things of your house. Holy is your temple 6 wonderful in equity. Hear us, O God our Savior, the hope of all the ends of the earth and of a sea far away 7 You prepare the mountains in your virtue, wrapped with power 8 You stir up the depths of the sea, the noise of its waves. The nations will be troubled 9 and those who dwell at the limits will be afraid, before your signs. You will make the passing of morning and evening enjoyable 10 You have visited the earth, and you have saturated it. You have enriched it in so many ways. The river of God has been filled with water. You have prepared their food. For thus is its preparation 11 Drench its streams, multiply its fruits; it will spring up and rejoice in its showers 12 You will bless the crown of the year with your kindness, and your fields will be filled with abundance 13 The beauty of the desert will fatten, and the hills will be wrapped with exultation 14 The rams of the sheep have been clothed, and the valleys will abound with grain. They will cry out; yes, they will even utter a hymn