Psalms 80

 1 Unto the end. For the wine and oil presses. A Psalm of Asaph himself 2 Exult before God our helper. Sing joyfully to the God of Jacob 3 Take up a psalm, and bring forth the timbrel: a pleasing Psalter with stringed instruments 4 Sound the trumpet at the new moon, on the noteworthy day of your solemnity 5 for it is a precept in Israel and a judgment for the God of Jacob 6 He set it as a testimony with Joseph, when he went out of the land of Egypt. He heard a tongue that he did not know 7 He turned the burdens away from his back. His hands had been a slave to baskets 8 You called upon me in tribulation, and I freed you. I heard you within the hidden tempest. I tested you with waters of contradiction 9 My people, listen and I will call you to testify. If, O Israel, you will pay heed to me 10 then there will be no new god among you, nor will you adore a foreign god 11 For I am the Lord your God, who led you out of the land of Egypt. Widen your mouth, and I will fill it 12 But my people did not hear my voice, and Israel was not attentive to me 13 And so, I sent them away, according to the desires of their heart. They will go forth according to their own inventions 14 If my people had heard me, if Israel had walked in my ways 15 I would have humbled their enemies, as if it were nothing, and I would have sent my hand upon those who troubled them 16 The enemies of the Lord have lied to him, and their time will come, in every age 17 And he fed them from the fat of the grain, and he saturated them with honey from the rock