Psalms 89

 1 A prayer of Moses, the man of God. O Lord, you have been our refuge from generation to generation 2 Before the mountains became, or the land was formed along with the world: from ages past, even to all ages, you are God 3 And, lest man be turned aside in humiliation, you have said: Be converted, O sons of men 4 For a thousand years before your eyes are like the days of yesterday, which have passed by, and they are like a watch of the night 5 which was held for nothing: so their years shall be 6 In the morning, he may pass away like grass; in the morning, he may flower and pass away. In the evening, he will fall, and harden, and become dry 7 For, at your wrath, we have withered away, and we have been disturbed by your fury 8 You have placed our iniquities in your sight, our age in the illumination of your countenance 9 For all our days have faded away, and at your wrath, we have fainted. Our years will be considered to be like a spider’s web 10 The days of our years in them are seventy years. But in the powerful, they are eighty years, and more of these are with hardship and sorrow. For mildness has overwhelmed us, and we shall be corrected 11 Who knows the power of your wrath? And, before fear, can your wrat 12 be numbered? So make known your right hand, along with men learned in heart, in wisdom 13 Return, O Lord, how long? And may you be persuaded on behalf of your servants 14 We were filled in the morning with your mercy, and we exulted and delighted all our days 15 We have been rejoicing, because of the days in which you humbled us, because of the years in which we saw evils 16 Look down upon your servants and upon their works, and direct their sons 17 And may the splendor of the Lord our God be upon us. And so, direct the works of our hands over us; direct even the work of our hands