Ruth 3

 1 But afterwards, when she returned to her mother-in-law, Naomi said to her: "My daughter, I will seek rest for you, and I will provide so that it may be well with you 2 This Boaz, whose young women you joined in the field, is our near relative, and this night he will winnow the threshing floor of barley 3 Therefore, wash and anoint yourself, and put on your decorative garments, and go down to the threshing floor, but do not let the man see you, while he finishes eating and drinking 4 But when he goes sleep, observe the place where he sleeps. And you will approach and lift up the covering, the part which covers near his feet, and lay yourself down, and sleep there; but he will tell you what you are obliged to do. 5 She answered, "I will do everything as you have instructed. 6 And she went down to the threshing floor, and she did everything that her mother-in-law had commanded her 7 And when Boaz had finished eating and drinking, and he was merry, and he had gone to sleep by the pile of sheaves, she approached secretly, and, lifting the covering near his feet, she laid herself down 8 And behold, when it was the middle of the night, the man became frightened and confused, and he saw a woman lying near his feet 9 And he said to her, "Who are you?" And she answered, "I am Ruth, your handmaid. Spread your covering over your servant, for you are a near relative. 10 And he said, "You are blessed by the Lord, daughter, and you have excelled beyond your earlier benevolence, because you have not followed young men, whether poor or rich 11 Therefore, do not be afraid, but whatever you decide about me, I will accomplish for you. For all the people, who dwell within the gates of my city, know that you are a virtuous woman 12 Neither do I deny myself to be a near relative, but there is another nearer than I 13 Be at peace for this night. And when morning arrives, if he is willing to uphold the law of kinship for you, things will turn out well; but if he is not willing, then, I will take you, without any doubt, as the Lord lives. Sleep until morning. 14 And so she slept by his feet until the night was ending. And she arose before men could inquire of one another. And Boaz said, "Be careful, lest someone know that you came here. 15 And again he said, "Spread your mantle that covers you, and hold it with both hands." As she extended it and held it, he measured six measures of barley and placed it upon her. Carrying it, she went into the city 16 And she came to her mother-in-law, who said to her: "What have you been doing, daughter?" And she explained to her all that the man had accomplished for her 17 And she said, "Behold, he gave me six measures of barley, for he said, ‘I am not willing to have you return empty to your mother-in-law.’  18 And Naomi said, "Wait, daughter, until we see how things will turn out. For the man will not rest until he has accomplished what he said.