Sirach 10

 1 A wise judge will judge his people, and the leadership of an understanding man will be steadfast 2 As the judge of the people is, so also are his assistants. And whatever kind of man the ruler of a city is, of such a kind also are those who live in it 3 A foolish king will be the ruin of his people. For cities will be inhabited through the understanding of those with power 4 Power over the earth is in the hand of God, and, in due time, he will raise up a helpful leader over the earth 5 The prosperity of a man is in the hand of God, and he will place his honor above the face of the scribe 6 You should forget all injury done to you by your neighbor, and you should do nothing among the works of injury 7 Arrogance is hateful in the sight of God and of men. And all iniquity among the nations is abominable 8 A kingdom is transferred from one people to another because of injustices, and injuries, and contempt, and every kind of deceit 9 But nothing is more wicked than a greedy man. Why should that which is earth and ashes be arrogant 10 There is nothing more iniquitous than to love money. For such a one has sold even his own soul. For in his life, he casts aside his innermost being 11 All power is of short life. A prolonged sickness is of grave concern to a physician 12 A physician causes a sickness to be shortened. So also, a king is here today, and tomorrow he will die 13 For when a man dies, he will inherit serpents, and wild beasts, and worms 14 The beginning of the arrogance of man is apostasy from God 15 For his heart has withdrawn from the One who made him. For arrogance is the beginning of all sin. Whoever holds to it, will be filled with evil words, and it will overthrow him in the end 16 Because of this, the Lord has dishonored the gatherings of the evil, and he has destroyed them, even unto the end 17 God has destroyed the seats of arrogant leaders, and he has caused the meek to be seated in their place 18 The roots of arrogant nations, God has dried up, and the humble among these nations, he has planted 19 The Lord has overthrown the lands of the Gentiles, and he has utterly destroyed them, even to their foundation 20 He has dried up some of them, and he has utterly destroyed them, and he has caused their memory to depart from the earth 21 God has abolished the memory of the arrogant, and he has left behind only the memory of those who are humble in mind 22 Arrogance was not created for men, nor was an angry temperament created for the gender of women 23 Those who fear God among the offspring of men will be honored. But those among the offspring who ignore the commandments of the Lord will be dishonored 24 In the midst of his brothers, a ruler has honor. And those who fear the Lord will have honor in his eyes 25 The fear of God is the glory of the wealthy, and of the honorable, and of the poor 26 Do not choose to despise a just man who is poor, and do not choose to magnify a sinful man who is rich 27 The great man, and the judge, and the powerful have honor. But no one is greater than he who fears God 28 Those who are free will serve an understanding servant. And a prudent and disciplined man will not murmur at correction. But an ignorant man will not be honored 29 Do not choose to extol yourself in doing your work, and do not be unproductive during the time of distress 30 He who works, and so abounds in all things, is better than he who boasts, and so lacks bread 31 Son, preserve your soul in meekness, and give it honor according to its merit 32 Who will justify one who sins in his soul? And who will honor one who dishonors his soul 33 The poor man is glorified by his discipline and fear. And there is a man who is honored because of his substance 34 But if someone is glorified in poverty, how much more in substance? And whoever is glorified in substance, let him fear poverty