Sirach 12

 1 If you do good, know to whom you do it, and there will be many thanks for your good deeds 2 Do good to the just, and you will find great recompense, and if not from him, certainly from the Lord 3 For there is no good for someone who is always occupied in evil, or who does not give alms. For the Most High holds hatred for sinners, but he takes pity on the repentant 4 Give to the merciful, and you should not assist the sinner. For the impious and the sinner will be repaid with the vengeance being held for them on the day of retribution 5 Give to the good, but you should not receive from a sinner 6 Do good to the humble, but you should not give to the impious; withhold your bread, do not give it to him, otherwise he may overpower you with it 7 For you will find twice the evil for all the good you will have done to him. For the Most High also holds hatred for sinners, and he will repay vengeance to the impious 8 A friend will not be known in good times, and an enemy will not be hidden in adversity 9 By the good fortune of a man, his enemies are grieved; and by his misfortune, a friend is revealed 10 You should never trust your enemy. For his wickedness rusts like a brass pot 11 And if he humbles himself and goes about bowed down, increase your alertness and guard yourself from him 12 You should not sit down anywhere near him, nor should you allow him to sit at your right hand, lest perhaps he may turn toward your place, and seek your seat, and then, in the very end, you would understand my words and be stung by my sermon 13 Who will take pity on an enchanter struck by a serpent, or on someone who draws near to wild beasts? And so it is with one who keeps company with an iniquitous man and is involved in his sins 14 For one hour, he will abide with you. But if you begin to turn aside, he will not permit it 15 An enemy speaks sweetly with his lips, but in his heart, he waits in ambush, so that he may throw you into a pit 16 An enemy has tears in his eyes. But if he finds an opportunity, he will not be satisfied with blood 17 And if misfortunes happen upon you, you will find him there first 18 An enemy has tears in his eyes, but while pretending to help you, he will dig under your feet 19 He will shake his head, and clap his hands, and whisper much, and change his expression