Sirach 20

 1 How much better is it to reprove, than to become angry, so as not to hinder him who may confess in prayer 2 The lust of an eunuch will deflower a young maiden 3 similar is he who by violence gives an iniquitous judgment 4 How good it is, when you are corrected, to show contrition! For in this way, you will escape deliberate sin 5 There is one who, by remaining silent, is found to be wise. And there is another who is hateful and who provokes by speaking out 6 There is one who, not having the understanding to speak, remains silent. And there is another who remains silent, knowing the proper time 7 A wise man will remain silent until the proper time. But an unrestrained and imprudent person will not heed the times 8 Whoever uses many words will wound his own soul. And whoever unjustly takes authority upon himself will be hated 9 There is advancement in evil for an undisciplined man, and there is a plan which turns to his detriment 10 There is a gift which is not helpful, and there is a gift, the repayment for which is double 11 There is a loss for the sake of boasting, and there is one who will lift up his head from lowliness 12 There is one who buys much for a small price, and who pays it back sevenfold 13 Anyone wise in words makes himself loved. But the graces of the foolish will be poured away 14 A gift from the unwise will not benefit you. For his gaze is divided, sevenfold 15 He will give little, and reproach much. And the opening of his mouth is like a burning flame 16 There is one who lends today and demands repayment tomorrow. A man such as this is hateful 17 A foolish man will not have a friend, and there will be no thanks for his good deeds 18 For those who eat his bread have a false tongue. How often and how many are those who will ridicule him 19 For what he possesses, he does not distribute with correct understanding. And he acts similarly with what he does not possess 20 The slip of a false tongue is like someone who falls upon pavement. Such a fall for the wicked will arrive quickly 21 A disagreeable man is like a pointless fable; it will be continually in the mouth of the undisciplined 22 A parable from the mouth of a fool will be rejected. For he does not speak it at the proper time 23 There is one who is prevented from sinning by poverty, and in his rest, he will be vexed 24 There is one who will lose his own soul because of pretense, and he will lose it by an example of imprudence. For by seeking the approval of another, he will destroy himself 25 There is one who, for the sake of what others think, makes a promise to a friend, and so he gains him as an enemy for no reason 26 A lie is a wicked disgrace to a man, and yet lies will be continually in the mouths of those without discipline 27 A thief is better than a man who constantly lies. But both of them will inherit perdition 28 The habits of lying men are without honor. And their shame is with them without ceasing 29 A wise man will benefit himself by his own words, and a prudent man will please the powerful 30 Whoever works his land will raise high a stockpile of grain. And whoever works justice will himself be raised high. Yet truly, whoever pleases the powerful will escape unfair treatment 31 Presents and gifts blind the eyes of judges, and silence their mouths, turning them aside from their task of correction 32 Wisdom hidden, and treasure unseen: of what use is either of these 33 He who hides his foolishness is better than a man who conceals his wisdom