Sirach 35

 1 Whoever observes the law multiplies oblations 2 It is a salutary sacrifice to attend to the commandments and to withdraw from all iniquity 3 And to depart from injustice is to offer a propitiatory sacrifice for injustices and a supplication for sins 4 Whoever gives thanks, offers a gift of fine flour, and whoever acts with mercy, offers a sacrifice 5 To withdraw from iniquity is well-pleasing to the Lord. And to withdraw from injustice is a supplication for sins 6 You should not appear empty before the sight of the Lord 7 For all these things are to be done because of the commandment of God 8 The oblation of the just fattens the altar, and is a fragrance of sweetness in the sight of the Most High 9 The sacrifice of the just is acceptable, and the Lord will never forget the memorial of it 10 Render glory to God with a good heart. And you should not reduce the first-fruits of your hands 11 With every gift, have a cheerful countenance, and sanctify your tithes with exultation 12 Give to the Most High according to his gifts to you, and act with a good eye toward the creations of your hands 13 For the Lord gives recompense, and he will repay you seven times as much 14 Do not be willing to offer corrupt gifts. For he will not accept them 15 And do not be willing to consider an unjust sacrifice. For the Lord is the judge, and with him there is no favoritism toward anyone 16 The Lord will not accept favoritism against the poor, but he will heed the prayer of one who has been harmed 17 He will not despise the prayers of the orphan, nor of the widow, if she utters a lamenting complaint 18 Do a widow’s tears not run down her cheek? And will her outcry not cause their downfall 19 For from her cheek, her tears ascend even to heaven. And the Lord, the One who listens, will not take delight in them 20 Whoever adores God with joy will be accepted, and his prayer will reach even to the clouds 21 The prayer of one who humbles himself will pierce the clouds. And it will not be consoled until it draws near; and it will not withdraw until the Most High beholds 22 And the Lord will not delay, and he will judge for those who are just, and he will accomplish judgment. And the Almighty will not have patience with them, so that he may crush their back 23 And he will repay vengeance to the Gentiles, until he has taken away the multitude of the arrogant, and broken the scepters of the iniquitous 24 until he has rendered to men according to their deeds, and according to the works of Adam, and according to his presumption 25 until he has judged the judgment of his people. And he will delight the just with his mercy 26 The mercy of God is beautiful in the time of tribulation, like a rain cloud in the time of drought