Sirach 45

 1 Moses was beloved by God and men. The remembrance of him is a blessing 2 He made him like the holy ones in glory, and he magnified him by the fear of his enemies, and he appeased great portents by his words 3 He glorified him in the sight of kings, and he gave commandments to him in the sight of his people, and he revealed his glory to him 4 He made him holy by his faith and meekness, and he chose him from among all flesh 5 For he heard him and his voice, and he led him into a cloud 6 And he gave him precepts in his presence, with a law of life and discipline, so as to teach Jacob his covenant and Israel his judgments 7 He exalted his brother Aaron and those who were similar to him from the tribe of Levi 8 He established an eternal covenant with him, and he gave him the priesthood of the people, and he caused him to be blessed in glory 9 And he encircled him with a glorious belt, and he clothed him with a robe of glory, and he crowned him with virtuous attire 10 He placed upon him a garment to the feet, and pants, and an ephod, and he wrapped him all around with many little bells of gold 11 so that there would be a sound at his arrival, and so as to make a noise that would be heard in the temple, as a memorial for the sons of his people 12 He provided him with a holy robe of gold and hyacinth and purple, a woven work for a wise man of judgment and truth 13 a work of twisted scarlet, the work of an artist, with precious stones, cut and set in gold, and engraved by the work of a jeweler, as a memorial according to the number of the tribes of Israel 14 He provided him with a crown of gold upon his headdress, on which was written a symbol of holiness, a mark of honor. This was a work of virtue and a delight to the eyes in its beauty 15 Prior to him, there was no one of such beauty, even from the beginning 16 No foreigner was ever clothed with these things, but only his sons and his descendents alone, for all time 17 His sacrifices were consumed by fire daily 18 Moses filled his hands and anointed him with holy oil 19 An eternal covenant was made, with him and with his offspring, like the days of heaven, to execute the office of the priesthood, and to give praise and to glorify his people, in his name 20 He chose him from among all living men to offer to God sacrifice, incense, and a pleasing fragrance, as a memorial of appeasement on behalf of his people 21 And he gave him authority by his precepts, in the covenants of his judgments, to teach Jacob his testimonies, and to give light by his law to Israel 22 Then strangers stood up against him, and, because of envy, the men who were with Dathan and Abiram surrounded him in the desert, along with the congregation of Korah, in their anger 23 The Lord God saw this, and it did not please him, and so they were consumed by the force of his anger 24 He wrought great portents among them, and he consumed them with a flame of fire 25 And he added glory to Aaron, and he gave him an inheritance, and he allotted to him the first-fruits of the earth 26 He prepared for them the finest bread unto fullness. And they shall also eat from the sacrifices of the Lord, which he gave to him and to his offspring 27 And yet he will not have an inheritance among the people of the land, and he has no portion among the people. For the Lord himself is his portion and his inheritance 28 Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, is third in glory, by imitating him in the fear of the Lord 29 And he stood up against the shamefulness of the people. By the goodness and responsiveness of his soul, he appeased God on behalf of Israel 30 For this reason, he made him a covenant of peace, a leader of the sanctuary and of his people, so that the dignity of the priesthood would remain with him and with his offspring unto eternity 31 And he made a covenant with king David, the son of Jesse from the tribe of Judah, an inheritance for him and for his offspring, so that he might provide wisdom for our hearts, so as to judge his people in justice, lest their good things be abolished. And he caused their glory within their nation to be everlasting