Sirach 8

 1 You should not quarrel with a powerful man, lest perhaps you may fall into his hands 2 You should not contend with a wealthy man, lest perhaps he may bring an action against you 3 For gold and silver have destroyed many, and have reached and corrupted even the hearts of kings 4 You should not quarrel with a man who is full of words, for you should not cast wood upon his fire 5 You should not confide in an ignorant man, lest he speak evil about your family 6 You should not despise a man who turns himself away from sin, nor reproach him with it. Remember that we are all subject to correction 7 You should not spurn a man in his old age. For we are all subject to growing old 8 Do not be willing to rejoice at the death of your enemy, knowing that we all die, and that we do not want others to rejoice over us 9 You should not despise the discourse of those who are old and wise; instead, ponder their proverbs 10 For from them, you will learn wisdom and intelligent doctrine, so as to serve great men without blame 11 Do not allow the discourse of your elders to pass you by. For they have learned from their fathers 12 And from them, you will learn understanding, and you will learn what response to give in a time of necessity 13 You should not kindle the coals of sinners by arguing with them. For you might be scorched by the flame from the fire of their sins 14 You should not stand against the face of a contemptuous person, otherwise he may sit down as if waiting in ambush against your words 15 You should not lend to a man who is stronger than you. But if you do lend, consider it lost 16 You should not promise beyond your ability. But if you do promise, consider how to fulfill it 17 You should not judge against a judge. For he judges according to what is just 18 You should not go forth on the way with an audacious man, lest perhaps he may burden you with his evils. For he goes forth according to his own will, and you will perish with him in his folly 19 You should not start a conflict with an angry man, and you should not go into the desert with an audacious man. For shedding blood is nothing to him, and in a place where there is no help for you, he will overthrow you 20 You should not hold counsel with the foolish. For they are not able to love anything except what pleases them 21 You should not take counsel in the sight of an outsider. For you do not know what he will do next 22 You should not reveal your heart to every man, lest perhaps he may offer a false kindness to you, and then speak reproachfully about you