Tobit 13

 1 And so, the elder Tobit, opening his mouth, blessed the Lord, and he said: "O Lord, you are great in eternity and your kingdom is with all ages 2 For you scourge, and you save. You lead down to the grave, and you bring up again. And there is no one who can escape from your hand 3 Confess to the Lord, O sons of Israel, and praise him in the sight of the nations 4 For, indeed, he has dispersed you among the Gentiles, who are ignorant of him, that you may proclaim his wonders, and that you may cause them to know that there is no other almighty God, except him 5 He has chastised us because of our iniquities, and he will save us because of his mercy 6 Therefore, look upon what he has done for us, and, with fear and trembling, confess to him. And extol the King of all ages with your works 7 But as for me, I will confess him in the land of my captivity. For he has revealed his majesty within a sinful nation 8 And so, be converted, you sinners, and do justice in the presence of God, believing that he will act in his mercy toward you 9 But I and my soul will rejoice in him 10 Bless the Lord, all you his elect. Keep days of rejoicing, and confess to him 11 O Jerusalem, the city of God, the Lord has chastised you for the works of your hands 12 Confess to the Lord with your good things, and bless the God of all ages, so that he may rebuild his tabernacle in you, and he may recall all the captives to you, and you may be glad in all ages and forever 13 You will shine with a splendid light, and all the ends of the earth will adore by you 14 Nations from far away will come to you, bringing gifts. And in you, they shall adore the Lord, and they will hold your land in sanctification 15 For they will invoke the Great Name in you 16 Those who despise you will be cursed, and all those who blaspheme by you will be condemned, and those who build you up will be blessed 17 But you will rejoice in your sons, because they will all be blessed, and they will be gathered together for the Lord 18 Blessed are all those who love you and who rejoice in your peace 19 Bless the Lord, O my soul, for the Lord our God has freed Jerusalem, his city, from every one of her tribulations 20 Happy will I be, if any of my offspring will be left to see the brightness of Jerusalem 21 The gates of Jerusalem will be built from sapphire and emerald, and all its walls will be surrounded with precious stones 22 All its streets will be paved with stones, white and clean. And ‘Alleluia’ will be sung throughout its neighborhoods 23 Blessed be the Lord, who has exalted it, and may he reign over it, forever and ever. Amen.