Tobit 4

 1 Therefore, when Tobit considered that his prayer was heard, so that he might be able to die, he called his son Tobias to him 2 And he said to him: "My son, hear the words of my mouth, and set them, like a foundation, in your heart 3 When God will receive my soul, bury my body. And you shall honor your mother, all the days of her life 4 For you are obliged to be mindful of what great perils she suffered because of you in her womb 5 But when she too will have completed the time of her life, bury her near me 6 Yet, for all the days of your life, have God in your mind. And be careful that you never consent to sin, nor overlook the precepts of the Lord our God 7 Give alms from your substance, and do not turn away your face from any pauper. For so it shall be that neither will the face of the Lord be turned away from you 8 In whatever way that you are able, so shall you be merciful 9 If you have much, distribute abundantly. If you have little, nevertheless strive to bestow a little freely 10 For you store up for yourself a good reward for the day of necessity 11 For almsgiving liberates from every sin and from death, and it will not suffer the soul to go into darkness 12 Almsgiving will be a great act of faith before the most high God, for all those who practice it 13 Take care to keep yourself, my son, from all fornication, and, except for your wife, never permit yourself to know such an offense 14 Never permit arrogance to rule in your mind or in your words. For in it, all perdition had its beginning 15 And whoever has done any kind of work for you, immediately pay him his wages, and do not let the wages of your hired hand remain with you at all 16 Whatever you would hate to have done to you by another, see that you never do so to another 17 Eat your bread with the hungry and the needy, and cover the naked with your own garments 18 Set out your bread and your wine at the burial of a just man, and do not eat and drink from it with sinners 19 Always seek the counsel of a wise man 20 Bless God at all times. And petition him that he direct your ways and that all your counsels may remain in him 21 And now, I reveal to you, my son, that I lent ten talents of silver, while you were still a young child, to Gabael, in Rages, a city of the Medes, and I have his written agreement with me 22 And so, inquire how you may travel to him and receive from him the aforementioned weight of silver, and return to him the written agreement 23 Do not be afraid, my son. We do indeed lead a poor life, but we will have many good things: if we fear God, and withdraw from all sin, and do what is good.