Tobit 5

 1 Then Tobias responded to his father, and he said: "I will do everything just as you have instructed me, father 2 But I do not know how to obtain this money. He does not know me, and I do not know him. What proof shall I give to him? And I do not know any part of the way, which leads to that place. 3 Then his father answered him, and he said: "Indeed, I have a written agreement about that in my possession, which, when you show it to him, he will immediately repay it 4 But go out now, and inquire after some faithful man, who would go with you to keep you safe in return for his wages, so that you may receive it while I am still alive. 5 Then Tobias, departing, found a splendid young man, standing girded and seemingly ready for travel 6 And not knowing that he was an Angel of God, he greeted him, and he said, "Where are you from, good young man? 7 And so he answered, "From the sons of Israel." And Tobias said to him, "Do you know the way that leads to the region of the Medes? 8 And he answered: "I know it. And I have frequently walked through all its paths, and I stayed with Gabael, our brother, who lives in Rages, a city of the Medes, which is situated at the mount of Ecbatana. 9 Tobias said to him, "I implore you, wait here for me, until I tell these same things to my father. 10 Then Tobias, entering, revealed all these things to his father. Upon which, his father, in admiration, asked that he would enter to him 11 And so, entering, he greeted him, and he said, "May gladness be always with you. 12 And Tobit said, "What kind of gladness will be for me, since I sit in darkness and do not see the light of heaven? 13 And the young man said to him, "Be steadfast in soul. Your cure from God is near. 14 And so Tobit said to him, "Are you able to lead my son to Gabael in Rages, a city of the Medes? And when you return, I will pay you your wages. 15 And the Angel said to him, "I will lead him, and I will bring him back to you. 16 And Tobit responded to him, "I ask you to tell me: which family or which tribe are you from? 17 And Raphael the Angel said, "Do you seek the family of the one you hire, or else the hired hand himself, to go with your son 18 But, lest perhaps I cause you to worry: I am Azariah, the son of Hananiah the great. 19 And Tobit responded, "You are from a great family. But I ask you, do not be angry that I wanted to know your family. 20 But the Angel said to him, "I will lead your son safely, and I will bring him back safely to you. 21 And so Tobit, answering, said, "May you walk well, and may God be with you on your journey, and may his Angel accompany you. 22 Then, when all things were ready which were to be carried on their journey, Tobias said farewell to his father, and to his mother, and the two of them walked together 23 And when they had set out, his mother began to weep, and to say: "You have taken the staff of our old age, and you have sent him away from us 24 I wish that the money, for which you sent him, had never been 25 For our poverty has been sufficient for us, so that we might count it as riches that we saw our son. 26 And Tobit said to her: "Do not weep. Our son will arrive safely, and he will return safely to us, and your eyes shall see him 27 For I believe that the good Angel of God accompanies him and that he orders all things well which occur around him, such that he will be returned to us with gladness. 28 At these words, his mother ceased weeping, and she was silent