Proverbs 13

 1 A wise son is the doctrine of his father. But he who ridicules does not listen when he is reproved 2 From the fruit of his own mouth, a man shall be satisfied with good things. But the soul of betrayers is iniquity 3 Whoever guards his mouth guards his soul. But whoever gives no consideration to his speech shall experience misfortunes 4 The lazy one is willing and then not willing. But the soul of he who labors shall be made fat 5 The just shall detest a lying word. But the impious confound and will be confounded 6 Justice guards the way of the innocent. But impiety undermines the sinner 7 One is like the rich, though he has nothing. And another is like the poor, though he has many riches 8 The redemption of a man’s life is his riches. But he who is poor cannot tolerate correction 9 The light of the just enriches. But the lamp of the impious will be extinguished 10 Among the arrogant, there are always conflicts. But those who do everything with counsel are ruled by wisdom 11 Substance obtained in haste will be diminished. But what is collected by hand, little by little, shall be multiplied 12 Hope, when it is delayed, afflicts the soul. The arrival of the desired is a tree of life 13 Whoever denounces something obligates himself for the future. But whoever fears a lesson shall turn away in peace. Deceitful souls wander into sins. The just are merciful and compassionate 14 The law of the wise is a fountain of life, so that he may turn aside from the ruin of death 15 Good doctrine bestows grace. In the way of the contemptuous, there is a chasm 16 The discerning do everything with counsel. But whoever is senseless discloses his stupidity 17 The messenger of the impious will fall into evil. But a faithful ambassador shall prosper 18 Destitution and disgrace are for those who abandon discipline. But whoever agrees with a reproof shall be glorified 19 The desired, when perfected, shall delight the soul. The foolish detest those who flee from evils 20 Whoever keeps step with the wise shall be wise. A friend of the foolish will become like them 21 Evil pursues sinners. And good things shall be distributed to the just 22 The good leave behind heirs: children and grandchildren. And the substance of the sinner is preserved for the just 23 Much nourishment is in the fallow land of the fathers. But for others, it is gathered without judgment 24 He who spares the rod hates his son. But he who loves him urgently instructs him 25 The just eats and fills his soul. But the belly of the impious is never satisfied