Proverbs 12

 1 Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge. But whoever hates correction is unwise 2 Whoever is good shall draw grace from the Lord. But whoever trusts in his own thoughts acts impiously 3 Man will not be made strong from impiety. And the root of the just shall not be moved 4 A diligent woman is a crown to her husband. And she who acts with confusion as to which things are worthy is decay to his bones 5 The thoughts of the just are judgments. And the counsels of the impious are dishonest 6 The words of the impious lie in wait for blood. The mouth of the just shall free them 7 Turn from the impious, and they will not be. But the house of the just shall stand firm 8 A man will be known by his doctrine. But whoever is vain and heartless will suffer contempt 9 Better is a pauper who has what he needs, than someone glorious and in need of bread 10 The just one knows the lives of his beasts. But the inner most parts of the impious are cruel 11 Whoever works his land shall be satisfied with bread. But whoever continually pursues leisure is most foolish. Whoever is soothed by lingering over wine leaves behind contempt in his strongholds 12 The desire of the impious is the fortification of what is most wicked. But the root of the just shall prosper 13 For the sins of the lips draw ruin to the evil. But the just shall escape from distress 14 By the fruit of his own mouth, each one shall be filled with good things, and according to the works of his own hands, it will be distributed to him 15 The way of the foolish is right in his own eyes. But whoever is wise listens to counsels 16 The senseless immediately reveals his anger. But whoever ignores injuries is clever 17 He is a sign of justice, who speaks what he knows. But whoever deceives is a dishonest witness 18 He who makes promises is also jabbed, as if with a sword, in conscience. But the tongue of the wise is reasonable 19 The lips of truth shall be steadfast forever. But a hasty witness readies a lying tongue 20 Deceit is in the heart of those who devise evils. But gladness follows those who take up counsels of peace 21 Whatever may befall the just, it will not discourage him. But the impious will be filled with disasters 22 Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord. But whoever acts faithfully pleases him 23 A resourceful man conceals knowledge. And the heart of the unwise provokes foolishness 24 The hand of the strong will rule. But anyone who is neglectful will pay tribute 25 Grief in the heart of a man humbles him. And with a good word he shall be made glad 26 He who ignores a loss for the sake of a friend is just. But the way of the impious will deceive them 27 The dishonest will not discover gain. But the substance of a man will be like precious gold 28 In the path of justice, there is life. But the devious way leads to death