Psalms 61

 1 Unto the end. For Jeduthun. A Psalm of David 2 Will my soul not be subject to God? For from him is my salvation 3 Yes, he himself is my God and my salvation. He is my supporter; I will be moved no more 4 How is it that you rush against a man? Every one of you puts to death, as if you were pulling down a ruined wall, leaning over and falling apart 5 So, truly, they intended to reject my price. I ran in thirst. They blessed with their mouth and cursed with their heart 6 Yet, truly, my soul will be subject to God. For from him is my patience 7 For he is my God and my Savior. He is my helper; I will not be expelled 8 In God is my salvation and my glory. He is the God of my help, and my hope is in God 9 All peoples gathered together: trust in him. Pour out your hearts in his sight. God is our helper for eternity 10 So, truly, the sons of men are untrustworthy. The sons of men are liars in the scales, so that, by emptiness, they may deceive among themselves 11 Do not trust in iniquity, and do not desire plunder. If riches flow toward you, do not be willing to set your heart on them 12 God has spoken once. I have heard two things: that power belongs to God 13 and that mercy belongs to you, O Lord. For you will repay each one according to his works