Sirach 3

 1 The sons of wisdom are the Church of the just: and their generation is obedience and love 2 Sons, listen to the judgment of your father, and act accordingly, so that you may be saved 3 For God has honored the father in the sons, and, when seeking the judgment of the mother, he has confirmed it in the children 4 He who loves God will plead with him on behalf of sins, and will keep himself away from sin, and will be heeded in the prayers of his days 5 And, like one who stores up treasure, so also is he who honors his mother 6 He who honors his father will find happiness in his own children, and he will be heeded in the day of his prayer 7 He who honors his father will live a long life. And he who obeys his father will be a refreshment to his mother 8 He who fears the Lord honors his parents, and he will serve them as masters, for it is they who conceived him 9 In word and deed, and in all things, honor your father with patience 10 so that a blessing may come to you from him, and so that his blessing may remain to the very end 11 The blessing of the father strengthens the houses of the sons; but the curse of the mother uproots even its foundation 12 Do not boast in the disgrace of your father; for his shame is not your glory 13 For the glory of a man is from the honor of his father, and a father without honor is a discredit to the son 14 Son, support your father in his old age, and do not grieve him in his life 15 And if his mind should fail, show kindness; and do not spurn him when you are in your strength. For almsgiving to the father will never be forgotten 16 For even in return for the sin of the mother, good will be repaid to you 17 And you will be built up in justice, and you will be remembered in the day of tribulation. And your sins will dissolve like ice in warm weather 18 What an evil form has he who forsakes his father! And whoever exasperates his mother is accursed by God 19 Son, perform your works in meekness, and you shall be loved beyond the glory of men 20 However great you may be, humble yourself in all things, and you will find grace in the presence of God 21 For only the power of God is great, and he is honored by the humble 22 You should not seek the things that are too high for you, and you should not examine the things that are beyond your ability. But as for the things that God has entrusted to you, consider these always. But you should not be curious in too many of his works 23 For it is not necessary for you to see with your own eyes the things that are hidden 24 In unnecessary matters, do not choose to be an examiner of many different things, and you should not be curious about too many of his works 25 For many things have been revealed to you, beyond the understanding of men 26 Yet uncertainty in these things has also undermined many persons and has detained their minds in vanity 27 A hardened heart will have evil in the very end, and he who loves peril will perish in it 28 A heart advancing in two directions will not have success, and the depraved heart will be scandalized in this way 29 A wicked heart will be burdened with sorrows, and a sinner will add further sins 30 The synagogue of the arrogant will not be healed. For the stalk of sinfulness will take root in them, and it will not be understood 31 The heart of the wise is understood by wisdom, and a good ear will listen to wisdom with all its desire 32 A wise and understanding heart will abstain from sins, and will have success in works of justice 33 Water extinguishes a burning fire, and almsgiving withstands sins 34 And God is the watchman for him who repays a kindness. He remembers him afterwards, and in the time of his fall, he will find a firm support