Sirach 4

 1 Son, you should not cheat the poor out of alms, nor should you avert your eyes from a poor man 2 You should not despise the hungry soul, and you should not aggravate a poor man in his need 3 You should not afflict the heart of the needy, and you should not delay an offer to someone in anguish 4 You should not make requests of one who is greatly troubled, and you should not avert your face from the indigent 5 You should not avert your eyes from the needy out of anger. And you should not abandon those who seek help from you, so that they speak curses behind your back 6 For the pleadings of him who speaks curses of you, in the bitterness of his soul, will be heeded. For the One who made him will heed him 7 Make yourself a friend to the congregation of the poor, and humble your soul before an elder, and humble your head before the great 8 Turn your ear without sadness toward the poor, and repay your debt, and respond to him peacefully in meekness 9 Free him who suffers injury at the hand of the arrogant, and do not carry animosity in your soul 10 In judging, be merciful to the orphan, like a father, and be merciful to their mother, like a husband 11 And then you shall be like an obedient son of the Most High, and he will take pity on you more than a mother would 12 Wisdom breathes life into her sons, and she lifts up those who are seeking her, and she will precede them in the way of justice 13 And he who loves her loves life. And those who watch for her shall embrace her delights 14 Those who hold to her will inherit life. And whatever place she enters, God will bless 15 Those who serve her will yield to what is holy. And God loves those who love wisdom 16 He who listens to her shall judge the nations. And he who gazes upon her will remain secure 17 If he believes in her, he will inherit her, and whatever arises from him will be confirmed 18 For she walks with him through temptation, and she chooses him from the beginning 19 She will lead fear and dread and trials over him, and she will crucify him with the tribulation of her doctrine, until she has tested him in his thoughts and she can trust in his soul 20 And then she will strengthen him, and lead him along a straight path, and rejoice in him 21 And she will disclose her secrets to him, and she will store up treasure, of the knowledge and understanding of justice, in him 22 But if he has wandered astray, she will leave him behind, and she will deliver him into the hands of his enemy 23 Son, be continually observant, and keep away from evil 24 For the sake of your soul, you should not be ashamed to speak the truth 25 For there is a shame that brings sin, and there is a shame that brings glory and grace 26 You should not accept a face contrary to your own face, nor should you accept a lie contrary to your own soul 27 You should not enjoy the fall of your neighbor 28 Neither should you withhold words at an opportunity for salvation. You should not conceal your wisdom in her beauty 29 For wisdom is discerned within speech. And understanding and knowledge and doctrine are discerned in the words of those who understand and by their steadfastness in the works of justice 30 You should not contradict a word of truth in any way. Otherwise, by a falsehood born of ignorance, you will be confounded 31 You should not be ashamed to confess your sins, but do not subject yourself to any man because of sin 32 Do not choose to stand against the face of the powerful, for you should not strive against the current of the river 33 Suffer for justice, on behalf of your soul, and struggle, even unto death, on behalf of justice, and God will fight against your enemies on your behalf 34 Do not choose to be quick with your words, nor unproductive or neglectful in your works 35 Do not choose to be like a lion in your house, distressing those of your household, and oppressing those who are subject to you 36 Do not let your hand be open when receiving, but closed when giving