Tobit 3

 1 Then Tobit sighed, and he began to pray with tears 2 saying, "O Lord, you are just and all your judgments are just, and all your ways are mercy, and truth, and judgment 3 And now, O Lord, remember me, and do not take vengeance for my sins, and do not call to mind my offenses, nor those of my parents 4 For we have not obeyed your precepts, and so we have been handed over to plundering and to captivity, and to death, and to mockery, and as a disgrace before all the nations, among which you have dispersed us 5 And now, O Lord, great are your judgments. For we have not acted according to your precepts, and we have not walked sincerely before you 6 And now, O Lord, do with me according to your will, and order my spirit to be received in peace. For it is more expedient for me to die, than to live. 7 And so, on the same day, it happened that Sarah, the daughter of Raguel, in Rages, a city of the Medes, also heard a reproach from one of her father’s servant maids 8 For she had been given to seven husbands, and a demon named Asmodeus had killed them, as soon as they had approached her 9 Therefore, when she corrected the maid for her fault, she answered her, saying, "May we never see son or daughter from you upon the earth, you murderess of your husbands 10 Would you also kill me, just as you have already killed seven husbands?" At these words, she proceeded to an upper room of her house. And for three days and three nights, she did not eat or drink 11 But, continuing in prayer with tears, she beseeched God, so that he would liberate her from this reproach 12 And it happened on the third day, while she was completing her prayer, blessing the Lord 13 that she said: "Blessed is your name, O God of our fathers, who, though you had been angry, will show mercy. And in time of tribulation, you dismiss the sins of those who call upon you 14 To you, O Lord, I turn my face; to you, I direct my eyes 15 I beg you, O Lord, that you may absolve me from the chains of this reproach, or at least take me away from the earth 16 You know, O Lord, that I have never coveted a husband, and I have preserved my soul clean from all impure desire 17 I have never mingled myself with those who play. And I have not presented myself as a participant with those who walk with levity 18 But I consented to accept a husband, in your fear, not in my lust 19 And, either I was unworthy of them, or they perhaps were not worthy of me. For perhaps you have preserved me for another husband 20 For your counsel is not within the ability of man 21 But all who worship you are certain of this: that one’s life, if it should be tested, shall be crowned, and if it should be in tribulation, shall be delivered, and if it should be corrected, shall be permitted to approach your mercy 22 For you are not delighted with our perdition. For, after a storm, you create tranquility, and after tears and weeping, you pour out exultation 23 May your name, O God of Israel, be blessed forever. 24 At that time, the prayers of them both were heard in the sight of the glory of the most high God 25 And the holy Angel of the Lord, Raphael, was sent to care for both of them, whose prayers were recited at the same time in the sight of the Lord